Antony Morato - Casual Italian edgy and cheeky fashion brand in Prague


Casual Italian fashion and cheekiness combined with luxury and quality? You can find it in Prague at the Fashion Therapy menswear boutique that carries the Italian brand Antony Morato.
Antony Morato has been providing its fashion services for 6 years during which it has gained an important place among its competitors, for example the highly popular Diesel. Although the name could make an impression that the brand was established by an Italian called Antony Morato, this is not the case - the brand was founded in 2007 by 3 siblings: Tania, Lello and Giovanni Caldarelli. Lello Caldarelli became Antony Morato's President and Creative Director. After an initial distribution limited to Italy, the brand expanded to over 50 countries in 2012; in 2014 the fashionable men of Prague welcomed them with open arms. The beautiful design clothing is, of course, created with luxury materials and supreme craftsmanship. Antony Morato offers apparel and accessories from head to toe: footwear, belts, quality jeans, T-shirts, shirts, coats and more. The handsome menswear collections of Antony Morato are highly visible in the advertising world thanks to campaigns featuring top models Simon Nessman, Luke Worrall, Marlon Teixeira, and Tobias Sorensen - this year featured, for example, Leebo Freeman and Bo Develius. You can see the newest collection, including accessories and footwear from this classy Italian brand, at the Fashion Therapy store, situated in the Panska pasaz (men's shopping passage). If you want to make yourself happy and do something for your overall fashionable look, visit the Fashion Therapy boutique today. 


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